siding replacement

Durability Is Our #1 Priority

Get long-lasting results with a vinyl siding installation in Lebanon, PA

Your home's siding makes a statement, especially if you opt for bright, bold colors. Blue Collar Construction and Communication, LLC will take care of your siding installation from start to finish, including the soffit, fascia and window and door wrap installations. Our services are available for homes and businesses in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

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Choose between steel and vinyl siding

Steel and vinyl siding are two popular options for homes in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania area. When you hire us for your siding installation, we'll help you choose the best option for your home.

Each siding material has its own benefits. Here are a few to consider:

  • Steel Siding
    Fade-resistant. Long-lasting. Energy-efficient.
  • Vinyl Siding
    Durable. Customizable. Low-maintenance.

You want siding that will last for years to come without forcing you to empty your wallet. Trust Blue Collar Construction and Communication for top-quality siding at a fair price.

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What kind of statement is your siding making?

While brand-new steel or vinyl siding can boost your curb appeal, weather-worn siding can make your property look run-down. Replacing your siding is a good way to beautify your property in the Lebanon, PA area.

Consider hiring Blue Collar Construction and Communication for siding installation services if...

  • You're constantly repainting your home to hide imperfections.
  • You've noticed cracks, holes, mildew or fungus on your siding.
  • You're dealing with dry rot or higher utility bills.

We'll use durable materials that will keep your home or workplace looking beautiful for years to come. Contact us to speak with a siding contractor in Lebanon, PA.

Replace your siding for the energy savings

Is your HVAC system working overtime to heat or cool your space? While there are many ways to improve a property's efficiency, a siding installation is often overlooked. A siding contractor at Blue Collar Construction and Communication can provide details.